Install Hadoop YARN 2.2.0 on MacOS X Mavericks"

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Here are the steps I used to get Hadoop 2.2.0 working on my MAC running OSX 10.9

Get hadoop from

make sure JAVA_HOME is set (if you have Java 6 on your machine):

export JAVA_HOME=`/usr/libexec/java_home -v1.6`

point HADOOP_INSTALL to the hadoop installation directory

export HADOOP_INSTALL=/Applications/hadoop-2.2.0

And set the path


You can test hadoop is found with

hadoop version

Make sure ssh is set up on your machine by ticking System Preferences -> Sharing -> Remote Login. And verify it by :

ssh localhost

where is the name you used to logon.

In $HADOOP_INSTALL/etc these are the conf files I changed.





Make the directories for the namenode and datanode data (note the file above and the mkdir below will need to reflect where you want to store the files, I’ve stored mine in the home directory of the Administrator user on my Mac).

mkdir -p /Users/Administrator/hadoop/namenode
mkdir -p /Users/Administrator/hadoop/datanode

hadoop namenode -format


  <!-- Site specific YARN configuration properties -->


jps should list the following Java processes:

9430 ResourceManager
9325 SecondaryNameNode
9513 NodeManager
9225 DataNode
9916 Jps
9140 NameNode

If not check log files. If data node note started and you get incompatible id’s error, stop everything delete datanode directory and recreate datanode directory

Try accessing the DFS:

hadoop fs -ls

If you get

ls: `.': No such file or directory

then there is no home directory in the hadoop file system. So

hadoop fs -mkdir /user
hadoop fs -mkdir /user/<username>

where is the name you are logged onto the machine with.

Now change to $HADOOP_INSTALL directory and upload a file

hadoop fs -put LICENSE.txt

Finally try a mapreduce job:

cd share/hadoop/mapreduce
hadoop jar ./hadoop-mapreduce-examples-2.2.0 wordcount LICENSE.txt out