Use Blade with Mac OS X

typhoon-blade is a convenient software build tool designed for Linux. However, in order to use it under Mac OS X, you need to do some hacks.

The readlink Tool

Mac OS X uses BSD user tools, which might have different command line flags compared with their counterparts with Linux.

After download and unpack blade into an arbitrary directory, say ~/blade, you need to edit ~/blade/blade and change the command line flag of all readlink invocations into -n.

After doing so, you cannot invoke blade by ~/blade/blade directly; instead, you need to create a symbolic link, say, ~/bin/blade --> ~/blade/blade, and invoke that symbolic link.

Relax the Compiler

In order to force developers using Google C++ code style, blade would require the C++ compiler to do strict syntax checking. The following flags appear in ~/blade/src/blade/


However, these checks would be too strict that even the standard C++ library coming with XCode 4.6 does not pass the check.

I removed some of them, in particular, -Werror=empty-body and -Werror=missing-include-dirs, to make it work with Mac OS X.

IMPORTANT: After doing above changes, you need to repack the Python code to make it work:

 cd ~/blade